Tame cable clutter: Organize cables with Velcro cable wraps

With more gadgets or tools comes more cords. Cords that get messy once the factory twist tie is removed. If you try to reuse the twist tie it is good for a few uses but then breaks.

Here’s what to do instead. Get a package of Velcro cable wraps.

Here the package of 100 I am almost all the way through!

They are great for keeping cables organized and out of the way. I use them on charger cords, video cables, and almost every power cable for all my tools.

To connect it to the cable, put the rounded end through the hole in the other end and pull it snug to the cable. Then connect the end flap over to secure the wrap to the cable as shown in the video below.

You can order a package of 100 of the 8.5 inch ties (the ones I have) from Amazon the next time you place an order using this link: https://amzn.to/3VvzwpP (affiliate link).

A few tips when using these cable wraps.

Tip #1: Attach the cable wrap to the cord as soon as you remove the factory twist tie

I’m now just in the habit of attaching one of these cable wraps as soon as I take the twist tie off the cord that was put on in the factory. It allows me to not forget it and the cord is immediately organized.

Tip #2: Attach it to the end of the cable that is plugged into the wall

Which end of the cable should you attach the wrap to? The one that plugs into the wall. Especially with tools, you don’t want the wrap close to the tool because it could get caught and cause a problem as you see in this picture of my palm sander.

Tip #3: Keep extra cord length tidy when using the tool or charger

Because the cable wrap is attached to the cable, use it to keep an extra length of cable tidy when using the tool or device. For example, my Milwaukee charger is usually plugged in to one of two outlets in the basement or hallway. I’ve left just enough cord to reach the outlet and use the cable wrap to keep the rest of the cord tidy and out of the way.

With device charger cords, make sure any excess cord is not too close to the device as the weight of the cord may cause the device to get pulled off the table or counter.

Tip #4: Use a wrap to keep an extension cord tidy

For a shorter extension cord, depending on how thick the wire is, one of these wraps can keep the cord tidy when not used. Here’s a cord I use often and how it is kept tidy when not in use.

For longer cords or hoses, Velcro makes a heavy duty version of these ties that is 23 inches long and wider. If you have a long extension cord or an air compressor hose this might be a good solution. Check these out on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3I785jc (affiliate link).

Tip #5: Use the wraps to secure other items

When I needed to connect two dog gates with a cross piece that would need to be removed, I used two cable wraps instead of screwing the wood together. It is much easier to remove and reattach when needed. This can be a great alternative to more permanent options like screws.

Tip #6: Use two for longer wraps

Sometimes I’ve used two wraps connected to each other when I need a wrap a bit longer than a single wrap will work for. If you need a more heavy duty solution, you can use a roll of thick Velcro that will hold lumber, sports gear, and other heavier or thicker items. It is available on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3WDfZFw (affiliate link). Cut the length you need as required. To create a hole in one end so you can secure the wrap to one of the items, use a single hole punch like this one: https://amzn.to/3GtVuW7 (affiliate link).

Once you start using these cables wraps you will see how versatile and useful they are. And if you commute or travel with cords for various devices, you will especially appreciate these Velcro cable wraps (affiliate link).