Don’t risk losing valuable documents and cherished photos – Protect them with cloud backup

If you have a Windows or Mac computer you have hundreds or thousands of valuable documents and cherished photos on one or more hard drives. What if one of those drives fails? Every hard drive eventually will. I’ve had it happen twice and without a backup it is painful. We lost some video of my grandmother in one of the drive failures. I never want that to happen again.

You may use a local backup to an external drive and that is fine, but I don’t think it is good enough. What happens if you lose the contents of to your home due to a natural disaster? The primary and backup copies are gone.

That’s why I think you should upgrade to a cloud backup system that constantly backs up your files every second to an offsite storage center that you can access from any computer if needed. I use Backblaze as my cloud backup service. It is the service recommended by the Wirecutter review site (from the New York Times), and most major technology publications and sites. Backblaze has saved my bacon more times than I’d prefer to admit.

Backblaze runs continuously and backs up every file as soon as it is saved. A glitch in a software program once deleted half our archive of family photos. I was able to download all the files from Backblaze and restored our treasured family photos. Boy did I feel better knowing I had that backup available. For $70 per year, it can give you peace of mind. Check them out and sign up at This link will get you a free month of service when you sign up so it saves you money as well.

Don’t wait until your computer fails to take action. That’s what too many people do and regret that they lost so many valuable memories when their computer died. Click the link above and upgrade your computer backup strategy today.