6 Milwaukee tools I wish I bought sooner

I’ve standardized on the Milwaukee line of cordless power tools not because I did extensive research beforehand, but because it was the first brand I bought when I needed a new cordless tool. All the tools have worked great for me so I’ve stuck with the platform and expanded the number of tools I own. Like others have recommended, pick one battery platform brand and stick with it so you can use the batteries in all your tools. I have tools for both the 12V and 18V Milwaukee platforms.

Here are six Milwaukee tools (power & non-power) that I own, use, and wish I’d purchased much sooner than I did.

12V Hex Cordless Screwdriver

What drove me to buy this cordless screwdriver was my forearm going into spasm from overwork when changing out a lot of electrical outlets one day. All that unscrewing and screwing in of the screws on the outlets was too much for my muscles and they tightened up. This is not a drill, it has a standard 1/4” hex connection so standard hex screw driver bits fit and work. It has adjustable torque so that you can set it tighten the screws just as much as you need them to be. This has saved my arm so many times. Buy from ACME Tools.

[Model #: 2401-20]

12V portable work light

Working in tight spaces is difficult because it is hard to have enough light to see what you are doing. This small portable light has two brightness levels so if it is close to the work area you can use the lower brightness which also extends the battery life. It has a magnet on the back which makes it super convenient to attach to a garage door track or an attic truss support – both of which I’ve done. It even has a USB-A port on top so you can charge your phone if you need to. Buy from ACME Tools.

[Model #: 2367-20]

18V impact driver

I’d always used a cordless drill to drive screws into wood and so often would end up stripping the heads. I finally wised up to the value of an impact driver when I saw someone use one with long construction screws. If you haven’t used an impact driver before it may just change your life like it did mine. It makes driving screws into wood, attaching cabinets to walls, and driving Tapcon screws into brick so easy. The driver does the work so you get great results the first time. Buy from ACME Tools.

[Model #: 2656-20]

12V Oscillating tool

I never quite knew what this tool did until I needed to cut a rectangle in a cabinet so the pipes could come through. This is the tool you want to use. I’ve used it on numerous cabinets and it worked great to cut the bottom of the door jamb when fitting tile in a bathroom. It also has a sanding attachment and the grout blade made short work of the grout between tiles when carefully removing them. This also comes in an 18V version which is larger. I like the small size because it fits into tighter spaces when needed. Buy from ACME Tools.

[Model #: 2426-20]

6-in-1 Electrician pliers

I learned about this tool from the Electric Pro Academy YouTube channel on this video about three tools to have to wire your house. The first time I used these pliers I saw why they are so highly recommended. This one tool replaces the two or three tools I used to have to reach for every time I wired an outlet or switch. This one tool can twist or untwist wires for a wire nut, cut Romex cable, strip the individual wires, and bend a J-hook. That used to take three tools! Oh the time I would have saved if I had these sooner. Buy them on Amazon here (affiliate link).

Rechargeable flashlight

I thought this small flashlight was expensive, and frankly it is. But I think it is worth it. It is very compact and it is rechargeable with a USB charger, meaning you don’t have to worry about the cost of batteries. It has two brightness settings so you can save battery life if you don’t need the brightest light. But that brightest light is very bright, which is great for seeing in tight spaces. I once hung it on a string in a wall cavity so I could record a video and see where wires went in the cavity. I had tried with just the light on my phone and it was all dark. This video turned out perfectly and I knew exactly what I needed to do. It is so bright we even take it out on walks at night to illuminate the sidewalk and it lights up way down the road. Buy this on Amazon here (affiliate link).

There you have it. Six Milwaukee tools I wish I’d bought sooner. If you are running into any of the same issues I had before getting these tools, go pick up the tool that will solve that issue. If you’ve standardized on a different battery platform, they likely have a similar tool for the power tools I’ve listed.

Watch this video to see me demonstrate each tool.