This $4 product should be in every home: a lightbulb socket adapter

If you don’t have a lightbulb socket adapter (affiliate link) in your home you should. Here’s what it looks like with a lightbulb connected.

Screw a regular lightbulb into it and then plug it into a wall outlet to add light to the room. I recommend using an LED lightbulb because they don’t get as hot and it is easier to remove the plug after it has been on for a while.

Here are some times you would use this lightbulb socket adapter (affiliate link).

You need to change the bulb in a light fixture

When the bulb is burned out in a light fixture, this adapter allows you to create light in the room simply by plugging it into an outlet. This is very helpful for powder rooms or other rooms that do not have windows or when the bulb burns out at night and there is no natural light to see the fixture.

You are replacing the light fixture in a room

When you want to upgrade the light fixture in a room, you need to be able to see what you are doing. Since the power is off to the light fixture (safety first!) you will need this adapter to provide light in the room so you can safely upgrade the light fixture.

Add temporary light to a dark corner

If you need light in a corner that the room lighting or lamps don’t reach well enough, just plug this adapter into an outlet in that part of the room. Now you have all the light you need.

Bring light to a dark area while working there

If you are doing some repairs or upgrades in a dark area like a back corner or a cabinet, connect this adapter to an extension cord and hang it in the area. Now you have the light you need to work safely.

Bring light outdoors

If you have a portable power pack like a Jackery (affiliate link) or Bluetti (affiliate link) unit with a standard outlet on it, you can plug this adapter into an open outlet and instantly have light to see at night.

This versatile adapter allows you to turn any outlet or extension cord into a light!

Next time you are placing an order on Amazon, add this $4 product ( (affiliate link)) and keep it around the house with an LED lightbulb in it. You never know when you will need it.

Watch this video where I demonstrate this useful item.