Fix an Open Splice in a Wall Without Re-wiring; Rack-a-Tiers Open Splice Junction Box

When you are renovating you never know what is behind a wall. What if you find electrical wires that are just connected together with wire nuts behind the wall? This is known as an open splice. It is not allowed by electrical code. All splices need to be in an approved junction box and accessible. In this video I show you how to use the Rack-a-Tiers Open Splice Junction Box to enclose an open splice, securely attach it to a stud, and make it accessible in a finished wall. Now your work will be code compliant. Thanks to @RackATiers for supplying the box for this video.

Rack-a-Tiers Open Splice Junction Box: (use coupon code UYHDIY10 to save 10%!)

Access panel:

Non-contact Voltage Tester:

4 in blank cover:

Double sided tape:

Kreg pocket hole jig:

Milwaukee M12 power screwdriver:

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