Easy DIY Gift for iPhone owners; Use Standby Mode anywhere!

If you are looking for a simple and useful gift you can make for someone who has an iPhone, why not make this simple stand that allows them to use Standby mode in iOS17.

The stand comes apart and packs easily in a bag so it is ideal for when you visit family, go on holidays, or travel for work. It is also useful when you go to the office and have a different desk each day.

Standby mode allows you to see a clock, your schedule, photos, and other content when the phone is charging and is standing in a landscape orientation. You just tap on the screen to see the widgets, which you can customize. I am sure they will be adding more widgets in the future so this will become even better.

During the day at a desk, it is a quick way to check the time and what you have coming up or see a favorite photo. At night, the display uses a dimmed red light so that when you tap to see what time it is the light does not wake you up.

Of course you can buy charging stands that work with Standby mode, but when you aren’t at home, it would be nice to use this mode when you are just using a cable to charge your phone. And if your phone won’t work with one of the wireless charging stands because of the case or a holder on the back, this stand will allow you to use Standby mode.

The stand is very simple. It is two 3 inch by 5 inch pieces of 1/4” plywood that each have a 1/4’ slot so they fit together.

When I made mine, I cut a 3 inch by 10 inch piece of 1/4” plywood and cut the slots in each end so it was easier to hold on the workbench with clamps.

First I marked where the slots are to be cut. I cut them 3/4” from one of the long sides of the board and the slot is half the length of the board. This gives enough of a ledge for the phone.

To cut the slots there are many methods you can use. The one that requires a minimum of complex tools is to drill a hole with a 1/4” drill bit at the end of the slot, then cut along the lines with a hand saw, jigsaw, or oscillating tool. You can also cut the slot with a router, bandsaw, or table saw.

After the slots are cut, test the width with a scrap piece of1/4” plywood. It should be snug. Adjust if necessary. Cut the 10” piece in half to get the two 5 inch long pieces. Sand the pieces smooth. You can leave the wood unfinished or you can finish it with a clear coat, stain, or the colors of the recipient’s favorite sports team. Put their name on it or sign your own name.

If their phone has a holder that sticks out from the back, you can cut a slot in one of the pieces so the holder can slide in and the phone will sit flat in the stand.

You can show them how the stand works and point them towards articles on Standby mode if they aren’t already using it.

That’s how you can make a simple and very useful gift for a friend or family member this year. It won’t cost much or take much time but will be used and appreciated.

Here’s the video that shows you how I made my stand.