Build French Cleat Walls to Organize Your Garage

If you want to organize your garage (and don’t we all need to!), why not use French cleat walls. They allow you to move stuff around for different seasons and customize your storage. In this video I show you how to build a French cleat wall in an unfinished garage. If your garage is finished, you would follow the same steps, you just need to locate the studs behind the drywall first.

There are two people I learned a lot from before starting to use French cleats. Chris from A Glimpse Inside has a playlist of his French cleat videos at Clinton from Specific Love has a playlist of his French cleat videos at Both lists have videos on cutting and mounting the cleats as well as good ideas for tool holders that are focused on indoor woodworking.

My French cleat playlist at has videos on the different holders I’ve built and how you can set up your own French cleat storage in a garage or other storage area in your home.