Build a slant board for exercises; adjustable & stores flat; simple DIY project

Has your physiotherapist or trainer suggested you use a slant board to increase your flexibility? If you look online they can be expensive, especially for the ones that allow you to adjust the angle. There are some build-your-own articles and videos but often they either only have one angle or they use piano hinges which is a more complex project.

When my wife wanted a slant board to do her assigned exercises at home, she showed me photos of the one they have at the clinic. After some thought and planning, I built her this one.

It is a simple design that allows the angle to be adjusted. You can download the full plans below.

It uses a 1×12 board and a couple of pieces of 2×2. I had an old 1×12 MDF board from a previous project so I used that but you can use a 1×12 solid wood board or even a piece of 3/4” plywood cut to size.

The bottom is 17” long and has the two sections of 2×2 screwed on at each end from the bottom. The tread is 14” long and has two notches cut out at the end. The notches are 2.5” wide and 1.5” deep. The riser is 13” long. It has four pairs of slots that are 3” wide and 1” deep that I cut with a jigsaw. Since 1×12 boards have different actual widths, I measure the position of the notches and slots from the center line of the board. That way they will always line up properly.

I used a roundover bit on my router to round over all the edges and sanded everything smooth. I finished all the wood with three coats of polycrylic to protect it. I attached four strips of non-slip tape to the tread for enhanced grip.

When it is set up, the 2x2s at the ends of the bottom board prevent the tread and riser from moving. If you are concerned that they may move sideways you can add strips of wood on each side of the bottom to prevent that.

It is important to make sure the tread and riser are in the correct position before starting an exercise. The 2×2 also helps hold the heel in place when using the slant board. Here’s what it looks like in use.

I also designed it to store flat. Just take the tread and riser apart. Place the riser on the bottom between the end 2x2s. Place the tread on top with the non-slip tape facing up. Now it stores flat.

If you want the full plans with all the exact dimensions and more photos, click below. I am providing the plans with the option to pay something but if you can’t afford to pay I want you to be able to download them so you can build your own slant board.

Disclaimer: These plans are provided with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. The user uses these plans at their own risk and releases the author of all liability.